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Own a Completely Maintained
Red Sandalwood Farm in a
Gated Community

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FIRST things first,
Is Red Sandal Wood Trees are Legal?

YES, it has been removed from Endangered
species and Cutting Restrictions has been relaxed in 2020, Red sandalwood Now comes under Agriculture now, just like any other timber trees.

Tamil Nadu Forest Department is Engaging TN Farmers to plant Red Sandalwood as an Agriculture crop through webinars,

Now, why should I Invest in this Particular Project? 

Farmland near Chennai is Primarily bought for the Luxury of having a Farmhouse that can be used as a weekend home,

you may get 20 to 25 Cent of Mango Farm or Coconut farm that serves the luxury purpose, for the same price,

BUT, The same can be Achieved by staying in Farm Resort with just an expense of around 10k for the week..

SO WHY SHOULD YOU SPEND 15 or 20 Lakhs on a Land for the Same Purpose of just staying on a farm for Just 2 days in a month?


YES if you are spending Lakhs! then,
it’s not just a Luxury its also an


That’s where you choose the crop wisely, Red Sanders is a long-term crop, With very minimal effort today, in 15 to 20 years you will get a Return on investment that will never match any other agriculture income to our knowledge which is 100% Legal and since it comes under agriculture
income will be tax-free as well,

and you can have that Dream Farmhouse of
yours with all the support that you need for
staying there (labors cooking etc)

Our Project is Primarily Focused on THE BEST long
term Investment along with the Luxury of

Complete Legal Documentation of Property and the Number of Trees on your Property will be Registered on your Name

What’s Included in Cost Mentioned?

  • Land Area (Based on which you choose)
  • Individual Diamond Fencing and Gate.
  • Red Sanders Trees (3 to 4 Feet Height).
  • Automated Drip-Irrigation for all the trees.
  • 24X7CCTV Access

Farm Security?

Our Whole property is completely fenced as a gated community. On top of that, each unit is Fenced individually.

We also take care of your farm Completely with our 24X7 Security, along with CCTV access to you, which you can access from anywhere

Farm Maintenance?

Red Sanders doesn’t need routine care for its minimal maintenance we have the team to take care of.

Project Highlights

  • You already know the Value of Red Sandalwood trees today,
  • Land with Laterite soil is the Best for Red sandalwood. (also, a few other old Red sanders Farms available next to our Land, You can check
    in your Site Visit)
  • 50 Cent Land right next to a village,
  • 30 Feet Road Access for Each Unit.
  • Complete Peace of Mind after Purchase
    (Everything right from maintenance to Legal
    works are taken care of)

Monthly maintenance Cost

Since it comes as Gated Community security and
maintenance charges will be divided equally,
Approx 1500 per month

Note: 1500 per month covers only Irrigation and

Payment and Handover Terms

  • 20000 Booking advance During Site,
  • All the Documents along with our Lawyer’s Legal Opinion will be given for your verification
  • 45 Days Maximum time for Registration.


We already completed Phase 1 successfully and now the Second Phase is Available for Sale

All Included Cost mentioned below No
Negotiations, and No Extra Charges